2019 Preseason Fantasy Awards Collaboration

Fans, Friends, & Foes alike, join us as we look into the Fantasy Baseball Crystal Ball and make some Preseason Predictions, joined by our fellow friends with Fantasy Sites & Pods: Fantasy Gospel, The Scorecrow, & Prospect Fiend!

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Fantasy Baseball Heroes & Zeros of Weeks 1-2

We are already two weeks into the fantasy season and it seems like longer. I do not mean that in a bad way, but the Japan series really threw off my teaming. All I know is I already have the “itch” to fix my teams, specifically the struggling ones. Two weeks of playing time and there are already narratives emerging. Anyone that has Cody Bellinger is giving themselves a congratulatory pat on the back while those who drafted Miles Mikolas are cursing at the wind for thinking he would save their ratios.

FAAB FRIDAY | April 5th 2019 | SPs & Dingers

It’s Friday, meaning it’s time to get serious & dig into some names worthy of a pickup in your FAAB runs this weekend. Whether you gauge it by hottest bat of the week, 2 good starts, or just someone to get me by until so-and-so is healthy it can be a make or break moment. Here’s 4+ Players to kick off your search to inject some life into your fantasy baseball squads from the Front Office Writing Staff (ESPN % Owned):

EP54 | Auction Strategies & TGFBI Opening Rounds | Week of Feb 25th, 2019

This week Jeramy (@FrontOfficeJer), Phil (@thebaseballjedi), & Todd (@GoldyHappens) are joined by writer & podcaster George Bissell of NBC Sports / RotoWorld MLB (@GeorgeBissell) discussing the intricacies and strategies revolving around Auction Drafts, plus we run down the first few rounds of The Great Fantasy Baseball Invitational (#TGFBI @TGFBI) with some Q&A on the reasons for our picks.

EP51 | SS and 3B Top 10 Lists | Week of Feb 5th, 2019

This week we look at our personal Top 10s with both Phil (@thebaseballjedi) & Todd (@GoldyHappens) submitting theirs at SS & 3B (both absent), Plus Jeramy's (@FrontOfficeJer) "Algorithm" brings an interesting spin on the Top Players at each position over the year. Joining Jeramy to discuss the lists & bring their own are Dan (@DanJPreciado) & first-timer on the pod James (@CubbyNole).

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