Player Profile: Joey Gallo

Gallo ranks top 5 in Barrels per Batted ball event but isn’t in the top 20 in Barrels per plate appearance. This is the Statcast way of showing he has light tower power and also a lot of swing and miss to his game. His 37.2% Strikeout percentage is 3rd worst in all of baseball but he does take a few walks (21 in 183 PA). His .195 Batting average is frightening to look at but his .221 BABIP is surprisingly low for someone of his elite level AVG Exit Velo (7th best in baseball). As a point of reference Miguel Sano also has a K rate of 37%, an elite level AEV (AVG Exit Velo), and a Barrels per batted Ball that ranks top 5 in baseball, yet his BABIP is .459 (more than double Gallo). To summarize Gallo’s power is as legit as it comes and when he does make contact he does a lot of damage to opposing pitchers. He also stands to make decent improvement in Batting AVG as his BABIP normalizes. Gallo is top ten at 3rd base in most formats and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

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