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I’m not a fantasy sports expert.

Great start to my first Fantasy Front Office article, right? But seriously, I’m not a fantasy expert.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve won a healthy share of leagues. I naturally have the desire to spend hours a day researching obscure player stats, for fun. I probably too frequently check in on my fantasy teams on dates or at work. I circle fantasy drafts on my calendar weeks in advance. I care a lot. I love fantasy sports. Still, I’m not a fantasy expert.

So why should you keep reading my work?

Simply, we read fantasy content to learn, compare opinions and make decisions. If you agree with an opinion of mine, great! I hope we’re both right. If you disagree with my opinion though, there’s equal value in that too.

Learn. Compare. Decide.

My work on this site is here to help you with those 3 things in your fantasy sports life. So, without further ado, let’s talk fantasy baseball.

July has almost become August and odds are the Justin Smoak’s of the world haven’t seen the waiver wire in weeks. Every roster is most likely looking for waiver wire pieces to make a late season push. The following list will feature the top hitter waiver adds that are UNDER 40% OWNED in ESPN leagues.

Gerardo Parra, OF, COL (38%)

Gerardo Parra has a pulse and plays his home games at Coors Field, which bodes well for fantasy players. As Ian Desmond battles another calf strain and Cargo’s slow season prolongs, Gerardo Parra is hitting an absurd .356. While Parra won’t steal any bases and is fresh off a DL stint of his own, he will consistently hit for a high average in an explosive Rockies offense. Parra will give you a good source of batting average, OBP and RBI. The Rockies outfielder’s owned percentage is quickly rising, deservedly so.

Nick Williams, OF, PHI (29%)

Acquired in the 2015 Cole Hamels trade, Nick Williams hit the ground running and hasn’t slowed down since his June 30th promotion. Currently hitting over .300 with 4 homers and 19 RBI, all but a solo homer of that production has come in the last 15 days. Before Williams’ promotion he had a 280/328/511 slash line in AAA, so his current MLB 309/345/592 slash line could see a little regression. The rebuilding Phillies will give Williams every day at bats and is a solid add given the success other MLB rookies have been able to sustain this season.

Josh Bell, 1B, PIT (31%)

If you’ve missed out on Smoak, Alonso and Adams, Bell might be your final 1B redemption opportunity. Josh Bell is hitting a blazing 364/400/652 with 3 HR and 17 RBI over the last two weeks. Bell has been a strong source OBP all year long but since being moved to the cleanup spot, Bell is seeing more RBI opportunity and is seizing the moment. The 6’4 switch hitter has been a key part of the Pirates resurgent offense and if you’re the one team in your league who doesn’t have strong 1B play in the deep position, Josh Bell is a great add. Also, Bell’s next 9 games featured 6 matchups with the Padres and 3 with the Reds.

Bradley Zimmer, OF, CLE (11%)

If you’ve listened to our Fantasy Front Office Podcast, you already know we LOVE Bradley Zimmer. The true 5 tool player has handled the adjustment to the majors smoothly. Consistently hanging around 260 with a steady flow of stolen bases and power, Zimmer has started to heat up in the past week. In Zimmer’s last 4 games he is 8-13 with 2 HR, 8 RBI and 2 SB. In the year of the rookie, now is the time to add Zimmer.

If somehow these players are still available in your league, run, don’t walk to add them.

Tommy Pham, OF, STL (64%)

Pham’s MLB cup of coffee stamp card is full and his free drink in 2017 is lasting him longer than usual. Pham has 14 HR and 13 SB on the season and has continued to rake to the tune of a .375 average since the all-star break.

Trey Mancini, 1B-3B-OF, BAL (62%)

Every day at bats in the potent O’s offense has resulted in a .301 average, 16 HR and 53 RBI this season. The dual position eligibility is a nice bonus too.

Whit Merrifield, 2B-OF, KC (60%)

Like Mancini the position eligibility is nice. Unlike Mancini he’s stealing bases to go along with pop and average. Merrifield has had his hot streaks in the past but this one has been his best yet. In the last month Merrifield has 9 SB to go along with 5 HR and .315 average.

Paul DeJong, 2B-SS-3B (49%)

This year’s Aledyms Diaz for the Cardinals is hitting homers at an outrageous pace. With homers in 4 of his last 5 games, if Paul is available, add him right away.

Mike Trout, OF, LAA (99.3%)

Since coming off the DL, Mike Trout has just 1 game where he didn’t get a hit. 0.7% of leagues are scared off by that one game, but I expect Mike Trout to make up for that brutal 0-2 July 21st night down the stretch.


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