EP22 | 2017 Winter Meetings Preview – Parts 1 & 2

EP22 | 2017 Winter Meetings Preview Parts 1 & 2
So much discussion and news to catch up on, so we made it a two-parter!

Part 1 – Dive into the Free Agent & Trade Market Hot Stove News with Keith, Phil, Todd, & Jeramy as we discuss the Ohtani impact on Fantasy Baseball & potential decisions prospective owners may have to make (potentially TWO different OHTANI?). Now that Giancarlo Stanton is a Yankee, so what does that do to his value & the rest of that lineup? So Much More!

PART 2 – Our intrepid hosts make a surface dive into the way too early, EARLY ADP (via Fantrax.com) to debate some Too High/Too Low draft positions. The FFO crew then look into the crystal ball for some BOLD PREDICTIONS & continue their discussion from PART 1 about the early going Hot Stove, Signings, & Rumors.

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