Osuna’s Out, But Who’s In?

roberto osuna
Blue Jays right-hander Roberto Osuna (Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

For those of you who don’t know, Roberto Osuna of the Toronto Blue Jays got arrested for domestic violence. As the investigation is ongoing, the Blue Jays have put him on administrative leave. So who is the next man up?

I went back and checked the makeup of the bullpen for the last three games that the Blue Jays got a save. The first was May 6th, Tepera was the last guy to pitch before Osuna, but blew the save and ended up giving up an earned run. Clippard was before him. The second time was May 1st when Clippard was behind Osuna. The 3rd? Clippard again on April 30th.

This bullpen construction has led me to pick up Clippard where and when he available. (He also is tied with Scherzer for having 4 wins and an ERA under 1.50 as pointed out by our own Fantasy_Keith.).

There are other contenders to be sure. Tepera despite the blown save on May 6th has pitched pretty well. An also unmentioned guy is Seung Hwan Oh, the former Cardinal closer. He has pitched superbly this season and might get the shot at the closer’s role.

So roll out those darts and throw them at the board. It’s anyone’s guess who they would go to. My dart, however, lands on Clippard.

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