Pitchers to Add that are 65% Owned or Lower

These numbers are based on Yahoo ownership percentage, so Fantrax players will likely find these players to be significantly more owned.

1.Marco Gonzalez. 61% owned.

marco gonzalez
Mariners’ LHP Marco Gonzales will get the start for Seattle Tuesday (AP).

    Remember when the Cardinals traded Marco Gonzalez for Tyler O’Neill and everyone thought the Mariners got fleeced? Well turns out, that isn’t true. Marco Gonzalez has been a revelation along with James Paxton in a suddenly decent Seattle rotation. On the year, Marco has pitched to a 3.42 ERA in 79 innings with 69 strikeouts. Despite a rough outing last time against the Angels, he had pitched 4 wins in a row going 6.2 innings or more in those outings. In those outings, he gave up 2 runs or fewer in each start. It’s time his ownership rises with his performance.

2. Matthew Boyd 22% Owned.matthew boyd

                   Source: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America

    Boyd starts on a pretty terrible team, the Detroit Tigers. However, he has pitched better than anyone on their staff. He has a 3.23 ERA with 59 strikeouts in 75.1 innings. The strikeout numbers aren’t impressive, but his minuscule WHIP of 1.09 helps out a lot with ratios on your fantasy team. At 22% owned, he is out there in a lot of leagues and with many pitchers going down, such as Ohtani, you are probably looking for an arm and Boyd can be that guy.

3. C.C. Sabathia 51% Owned.C.c sabethia

CC Sabathia has a rocky 2015 with the Yankees that ends with him checking himself into alcohol rehab. (Kathy Willens/AP)
   Sabathia has been a new pitcher this year and the numbers show it. He has been one of the aces on a team destined for the postseason. Don’t let Luis Severino blind you from the other Yankee pitchers. Sabathia sports a 3.27 ERA with a 1.18 WHIP, again he doesn’t get a ton of strikeouts, but he’s good enough for a spot in your fantasy rotation. His last outing against Washington he went 5.2 innings giving up no runs while striking out 3. The only knock on him is he rarely gets the QS, so in those leagues, he is less valuable. Still, he is a guy worth looking into, as he continues to reinvent himself.
                                           4.  Nick Pivetta 46% owned.nick pivetta
                                              Photo credit:CSNPhilly.com

    Pivetta has cooled off from a hot start and that is to your benefit as a fantasy player because he is more available. Out of the guys on this list, he gets the most strikeouts, 81 in 72 innings. He has had three rough outings in a row, raising his ERA to a high of 4.25. This has caused his ownership to drop by 13%. The potential is still there, however, and Pivetta could be a good stash piece on your fantasy roster. Every pitcher goes through rough patches, you just have to ride out the storm.

5. Jose Urena 8% Owned.jose urena 2

                      Photo Credit: Mike Ehrmann/ Getty Images

    By far the least owned pitcher on this list, Jose Urena plays on the laughably bad Marlins, so don’t expect a lot of wins from this guy. He is, however, having a decent season. Urena currently has a 4.18 ERA with 70 strikeouts in 88.1 innings. He is unquestionably the “ace” of the Marlins staff. He pitches well enough to be a back of the fantasy rotation kind of guy, especially if you have injury holes to fill. He isn’t the best pitcher on the wire, but he is one of the most available and especially if you are in a deeper league, you should take a long look at him.

    There you have it, 5 pitchers under 65% owned that you should take a look at for your fantasy leagues. I hope this article has helped you get around the injury bug and back into competing for that coveted trophy.

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