FAAB FRIDAY | July 20th, 2018

It’s Friday, meaning it’s time to get serious & dig into some names worthy of a pickup in your FAAB runs this weekend. Whether you gauge it by hottest bat of the week, 2 good starts, or just someone to get me by until so-and-so is healthy it can be a make or break moment.

Here’s 3 SP arms to kick off your search to inject some life into your fantasy baseball squads from the Front Office Writing Staff (ESPN % Owned):

Jeremy Hellickson – 27% Owned

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Hellickson might not be the biggest name around, but he has quietly had a strong year for the struggling Washington Nationals. With a 3.29 ERA and a 1.05 WHIP, his ratios have been superb, he had two strong outings before the All-Star break and has cemented a spot in the rotation. Maybe you could find a spot for him in your rotation too.

The only note I would add is he rarely goes 6 innings, so in QS leagues he is somewhat less valuable.

Zack Wheeler – 19% Owned

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Wheeler seems to be turning a corner, not to be the elite ace we all imagined years ago, but turning into a serviceable 4th-5th Starter for a (future) contender. It’ll be in his best interest to be moved. But in the meantime, for fantasy purposes anyway, his last 30 days are intriguing.

32.2 IP – 34 K – 12 BB – 3.58 ERA – 1.22 WHIP

That 34:12 K:BB ratio needs some work, but his 9.4 K/9 is a plus. He’s added some velocity this season as it’s wore on, up 2 MPH to north of 97mph. This has helped this month, holding hitters to a .231 AVG & .285 wOBA.

Wheeler is someone to watch here shortly, could get a nice bump while moving to a contender.

Matt Harvey – 32% Owned

Gary A. Vasquez, USA TODAY Sports

Holy Matt, Batman! Harvey is BACK?! Let me rephrase that, IS Harvey back?!

I didn’t think I’d write anything positive on Matt Harvey in 2018, but hey, crazier things have happened. Let’s take a look:

Via Brooks Baseball: http://www.brooksbaseball.net/velo.php?player=518774

His velo has gained nearly 2 mph over the season, being a return to form somewhat, although he’s not seen 96+ since mid 2016. Over the last 30 days though he’s been on another level. Over 29 IP he’s got a 23:5 K:BB, helping account for his 4 W’s, 1.86 ERA & 1.07 WHIP. That’ll play in most leagues, won’t it? Hitters aren’t getting good wood on him, being held to a .236 AVG & a .258 wOBA. His 7.1 K/9 over this stretch leaves much to be desired, but workable.

Will he keep things up at this rate? Doubtful. But if he’s dealt (as is to be assumed for the Reds’ sake), be on the look out as he may get a positive bump heading to a more pitcher friendly venue.

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