Fantasy Baseball Heroes & Zeros of Weeks 1-2

We are already two weeks into the fantasy season and it seems like longer. I do not mean that in a bad way, but the Japan series really threw off my teaming. All I know is I already have the “itch” to fix my teams, specifically the struggling ones. Two weeks of playing time and there are already narratives emerging. Anyone that has Cody Bellinger is giving themselves a congratulatory pat on the back while those who drafted Miles Mikolas are cursing at the wind for thinking he would save their ratios.

Why We Love Fantasy Baseball

“It's hard not to be romantic about baseball” (Moneyball). This sentence sums up a lot of what I have to say in regards to fantasy baseball and baseball in general. When you look back at a magical season, you feel something, something you just can’t explain through words alone. As a St. Louis Cardinal fan, when I think back to the magical 2011 season and what they went through to win their second World Series in my lifetime, it makes me feel like a kid again.

Quick Takes: 6 Pitchers to Add in 12 Team Leagues

So by now, you should have already picked up Marco Gonzalez of the Seattle Mariners, who has given up just 2 runs in his last 2 outings. However, if you haven’t, go do so now! He is 58% owned and worthy of a 12 team spot. Outside of Marco Gonzalez, who should you be looking at? Here are 5 other players under 60% owned that could be owned in 12 team leagues.

Unlucky or Benchable?

We are getting close to the halfway point of the season, and a lot of decisions have to be made on whether it’s time to give up on a player or keep trucking away with him. Let’s look at 5 guys who have struggled so far in 2018 and whether there is hope down the stretch.

Pitchers to Add that are 65% Owned or Lower

These numbers are based on Yahoo ownership percentage, so Fantrax players will likely find these players to be significantly more owned. 1.Marco Gonzalez. 61% owned.     Remember when the Cardinals traded Marco Gonzalez for Tyler O’Neill and everyone thought the Mariners got fleeced? Well turns out, that isn’t true. Marco Gonzalez has been a... Continue Reading →

Jordan Hicks NEEDS to be Owned.

For many fantasy baseball leagues, saves are all that matter. You roster closers and fill out the rest of your lineup with starters. However, baseball is changing. No longer are closers automatically the best guys in their respective bullpens. This is the case with Jordan Hicks. You’ve probably heard of him, (he is the guy that can throw 105 mph). He is the classic case of being the best guy in the bullpen without having the heralded “closer” position. Saves are important of course, but if you don’t roster the best relievers, you are missing out on great ratios.

Cody Bellinger and the Sophomore Slump

You hear the term Sophomore slump a lot when it comes to second-year players. Players that perform well in their rookie year get knighted as the next wave of elite hitters. Cody Bellinger was no exception to that rule coming into the 2018 season, after all, he broke the NL record for most home runs... Continue Reading →

Osuna’s Out, But Who’s In?

For those of you who don’t know, Roberto Osuna of the Toronto Blue Jays got arrested for domestic violence. As the investigation is ongoing, the Blue Jays have put him on administrative leave. So who is the next man up?

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