FAAB FRIDAY | May 24th 2019 | Reinforcement Arms

It’s Friday, meaning it’s time to get serious & dig into some names worthy of a pickup in your FAAB runs this weekend. Whether you gauge it by hottest bat of the week, 2 good starts, or just someone to get me by until so-and-so is healthy it can be a make or break moment. Here’s 24 players to kick off your search to inject some life into your fantasy baseball squads from the Front Office Writing Staff (ESPN % Owned):

Early Season Surprise Breakouts

Every season is full of surprises and the early portion of the 2019 season is no different. 2019 has been home to career resurgences, old being made new, and post-hype sleepers galore. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the season’s biggest positive surprises thus far: Catcher: Mitch Garver Garver was not expected to... Continue Reading →

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