The Phillies Have Found Their Next Chase Utley

Chase Utley was the legendary second baseman in Philadelphia for twelve years, making 6 All-Star games in that period. Some may not remember, but he could steal a bag or two early in his career. The Phillies finally have another second baseman that can hit the ball with authority and steal bases; that player is Scott Kingery.

Projected Closers at the 2018 All-Star Break

In fantasy baseball, the closer’s role experiences the most turnover over the course of a season. Every year, guys who appear to be locks for high-end production fall off and get replaced. It is truly a never-ending battle for any fantasy owner. Sure, Kenley Jansen, Aroldis Chapman, and Craig Kimbrel exist, but a premium price must be paid on Draft Day if an owner wants a virtual lock for a closer.

Benchmarking the Projections

It’s all been done before. Draft season is here. Be prepared to be inundated with list after list. Each will be approximately the same in that it will be players ranked from best to worst, position by position. The lists will be annotated with blurbs announcing why their list is the best, and how their methodology changed.   Some will use advanced metrics and others will be just what seemed right to whoever wrote it.  All of these lists serve a purpose and are essential in forming your own opinion on draft day value. However, none of these lists are going to help you manage how you structure your team.

Fantasy Baseball Tier 3 Starting Pitchers

Tier 3 Aaron Nola NFBC ADP: 66 2017 xFIP GB% Z-Contact% SwStr% O-Swing% Nice! 3.38 49.8% 75.6% 10.8% Meh. 29.4%   When your O-Swing% (barely below average) is my biggest gripe then you're probably pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty good (gotta love Larry David). Among 2017 qualified starting pitchers, Nola ranked 12th in xFIP, but "just" 20th... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Baseball Tier 2 Starting Pitchers

Tier 2 Stephen Strasburg NFBC ADP: 24 In his eighth MLB season, the Glass Joe (Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!) of starting pitchers exceeded 175 innings pitched for just the third time in his career. Despite this fragile flamethrower's injury history, he's still being drafted as the fifth SP of the board in NFBC drafts and for good... Continue Reading →

Fantasy Baseball Tier 1 Starting Pitchers

Tier 1 Max Scherzer NFBC ADP: 11 Say auf wiedersehen to your baseballs.  Sorry, but I couldn't help myself.  It's hard for me to not think of Inglorious Basterds when I read Max Scherzer's name aloud.  Much like Hugo Stiglitz's character, Scherzer is all business.  He's also the most reliable pitcher in this tier, which is why I... Continue Reading →

Value Picks Based off of Current ADP

In my early stages of prepping for the 2018 fantasy baseball draft season and I am already noticing a few great values. I am looking at ADP data, as of 2/9/18. Some of these guys are small values and some are core guys that can win a championship. Most of them will be rostered by the winner of your league I'm sure. I am here to make sure that winner is you.

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