Split Decisions

If you are heavy into Daily Fantasy Sports, there is no doubt you are aware of and exploit handedness splits. That is, you seek out batters that have success against right or left-handed pitchers and avoid those that struggle.  It makes perfect sense in the DFS game.  However, there is also a place for season long roto managers to be aware of these matchups, particularly those teams with deep benches and daily roster changes.

Early Launch Angle Gainers

Find your edge. Every fantasy baseball manager needs to find their edge in order to be competitive.  Perhaps that edge is watching as much live baseball as possible to scout potential players. Maybe it is reading as many articles as possible to evaluate different expert opinions.  Potentially, it is diving into the data itself to... Continue Reading →

Benchmarking the Projections – Pitchers Edition

Continuing with the mission to give you relatable projections to help build your fantasy team (first outlined for hitters here in Benchmarking the Projections), presented below are benchmarked projections for pitchers, both starters and relievers. The projections were compared to the average league category leader occurring since the introduction of PED testing. Seasons like those listed above form the measuring stick by which the projections are compared to. The list is color coded so you can easily separate the good from the bad numbers.

Benchmarking the Projections

It’s all been done before. Draft season is here. Be prepared to be inundated with list after list. Each will be approximately the same in that it will be players ranked from best to worst, position by position. The lists will be annotated with blurbs announcing why their list is the best, and how their methodology changed.   Some will use advanced metrics and others will be just what seemed right to whoever wrote it.  All of these lists serve a purpose and are essential in forming your own opinion on draft day value. However, none of these lists are going to help you manage how you structure your team.

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